Philip Vaughan ART 1

Hector Ortega ,the prolific maker of monumental metal sculptures resides in Phoenix Arizona and spent two months at BCAC making one large sculpture for the Sculpture Park and several smaller pieces he has for sale in the art gallery.

“I had the privilege to be part of an 8-week residency to build a large scaled sculpture for the ever-growing sculpture collection. The Buffalo Creek Art Center location was beautiful and inspiring something that slowly permeates into your work and daily life. The facilities are awesome lots of space and proper welding equipment to make whatever your project may entail. This experience has been nothing short of life changing for me, often us artists spend our time on islands of creativity and to have the opportunity to live, interact and learn with the other residents has been a great experience.

Philip Vaughan ART 2

I can’t say enough about how encouraging and helpful Steve, Lana, Bill and Mel have been on my stay, they truly made me feel like family and inspired me to work long hours to realize not only the main large sculpture but a few assorted smaller less intensive pieces that were explorations of my current craft. I truly can say this stay has made me not only a more focused artist but a better person because of such a nurturing group of people involved in my stay, for this I am forever grateful and excited to see what will develop there on the grounds as a well with my new-found friends.”

– Hector Ortega